Printing tips

Print using a colour laser or inkjet printer for best result.
Click the B&W icon instead of the colour icon if your printer is black and white or the colour option isn’t printing adequately.
If printing at 100% cuts off some of the artwork then try using the reduce to fit page option in the print dialog box.
We like printing on good quality 100gsm paper but standard office paper will work fine.
Cut paper tips with scissors or small paper guillotine.

What does to “sweep” a private key mean?

To "sweep" a private key means to create a transaction that moves bitcoins from the private key's address to a new wallet address you control.

How are the public address and private keys generated?

We use the bitbox SDK for their generation.
A great project for building bitcoin cash apps. Check them out. https://developer.bitcoin.com/bitbox.html

Are the addresses unique on each paper tip?

Yes they are. When you click the paper tip icon you will create 6 unique paper tips per page for printing.

What if I want more paper tips….can I just print the page multiple times?

No, if you print the page multiple times you are just duplicating the tips you have.
If you want more paper tips than are on the one page….you need to press the create paper tips icon again to create a new unique set of tips.

Who should I tip and how much?

Anyone you like….bar staff, restaurants, uber driver, friends etc……who and how much is all up to you.

What is the difference between paper tips and paper wallets?

They are both the same could be used as thus but we designed our paper tips in mind for small tipping amounts.
The process is streamlined and simplified for the easist tipping of bitcoin cash.
For long term storage of funds in paper wallets we recommend using an offline paper wallet generator for highest security.

Which wallet apps do you recommend?

New wallets are coming out all the time. At present we recpmmend Handcash, Centbee, Bitcoin.com and Cashpay app.
Other apps should work well but we may not have tested them.




I’ve tried to make a simple and aesthetically pleasing form of paper tip.
Conveniently keep some on you and load up with an amount of Bitcoin Cash when the urge arises.
Tip away and help introduce Bitcoin Cash to the world.




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It will help to improve the service with the translation to new languages etc



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